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Down through the Ages, the relationship between “doctor” and “patient” has always been an intimate, even a sacred one. That’s because healing is a deeply relational, potentially transformative endeavor that’s very difficult to undertake alone. It takes lots of help and encouragement.

Since I can’t actually sit with you right now to be with your story and offer you guidance, I’d like to share a couple resources to support you on your way. My hope is that they’ll be some sustenance as you embark on your healing journey. Please let me know if there are other ways I can be of help.

In just a few moments you can have a complimentary copy of my Cliff Notes Guide to Nutrition and Cancer: What You Need to Know to Heal. If what you’ve read in my website thus far resonates with you, then I believe this resource will offer you some useful guidance and I’d be delighted for you to have it. Knowing what to eat in order to heal should be neither confusing nor overwhelming, and I hope these suggestions will make it easier for you to follow the old adage, “Food is medicine that you get to eat three times a day.” By clicking on the icon below my guide will download straightaway for you:

If you appreciate information presented in an auditory as opposed to a more visual format, then you may find it worthwhile to download a 25-minute long MP3 recording of a conversation on collaborative, whole-person Cancer Care that I had with David Naimon, ND, LAc, on his wonderful radio program called Healthwatch. Dr. Naimon was a lovely host, and I think our discussion did a nice job of touching on some key considerations pertinent to charting the most Healing treatment plan if you or someone you know has, or is concerned about, cancer. If you click on the link below, an audio MP3 file should download for you in a jiff and maybe even (depending on your computer) start playing automatically. If it doesn’t, you may need to simply hit “play” after it’s completed downloading… Don’t forget to sit back (maybe even in a sunny window), relax, and listen while you sip your favorite cup of tea:

Whole-Person Cancer Care: A Conversation with David Naimon, ND, LAc, on Healthwatch

To be of further support, I’d also like to send you my monthly eZine, Meaningful Medicine, which I pack full with resources and information pertinent to cancer, cancer care, and the treatment of chronic disease.  I try really hard to make it an enjoyable read, something that you’ll look forward to in spite of the seriousness of the topics. (I sometimes joke that I’m a poet trapped in a doctor’s body…)

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