Do you have cancer and feel scared and confused by the need to make urgent decisions about your treatment?

Being diagnosed with cancer can be totally overwhelming. It changes everything, doesn’t it? One day you’re fine, and the next day it feels like all your familiar bearings have been scrambled—like you’re free falling and can’t tell up from down. How are you supposed to go about finding your way and healing when you feel shaken to your core?

If you’ve been diagnosed with cancer, you probably have lots of questions that seem tough to answer. You may be considering approaches to treatment in addition to the conventional options of surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy. Perhaps you’re worried about the potential side effects of cancer treatments. Maybe you’re even feeling broken, doubting your ability to heal, and wondering how on earth you’re going to make it through this ordeal.

Faced with charting a course through the foreign and sometimes frightening world of cancer treatment, it can seem as though you’ve been dropped into the middle of a dark forest with nary a map or familiar landmark in sight. But, what if you had a reliable map to show you the way, if there was a treatment path others before you had followed, and if there was a lot of support available for every step of your journey?

Bodhicitta Healing Arts exists to be one such map, and I’m here to help you find your way. It really is possible to treat cancer and other difficult diseases with a comprehensive approach that harnesses the synergy between conventional and complementary therapies while it supports and maximizes your innate ability to heal.

I invite you to download my free PDF, A Cliff Notes Guide to Nutrition and Cancer: What you Need to Know to Heal, and I’d also be glad to send you Bodhicitta Healing Arts’ monthly eZine, Meaningful Medicine, which is chalked full of resources pertinent to cancer and healing.

Perhaps you’re saying to yourself, “But my circumstances are unique.” They are, and it’s essential that you find the approach to care that suits you, not just your cancer, and that you partner with practitioners who inspire you to heal. Please give yourself some time to explore your options. To learn more about how I support people with cancer and other serious illnesses I encourage you to read about Who I Help, and see if my approach to care resonates with you.

My heartfelt wish is for your healing. May you be at peace, and may you always remember that you’re much more than “cancer”—that contained within you everything you need to heal already exists. Absolutely everything.